Going beyond boundaries: CC Diagnostics aiming for new diagnostic test within the Open Diagnostics Ecosystem

The field of diagnostics is rapidly evolving. The newest addition of the Open Diagnostics Ecosystem, CC Diagnostics, is set to further enhance the capabilities of this dynamic ecosystem. At the heart of CC Diagnostics’ mission is the preventability of cervical cancer in women. CC Diagnostics collaborates with the Gynecologic Oncology Research Group at the UMCG.

Cervical cancer is a worldwide problem, but CC Diagnostics shows that with regular and decent screening it is mostly preventable. Since with regular screening, the early precancerous changes in cervical cells can be detected and treated. CC Diagnostics has the goal to improve this screening by making it more accurate and easier for women to participate. Within the Open Diagnostics Ecosystem, CC Diagnostics will work on the project called: ‘’Beyond boundaries’’.

Beyond boundaries
In this project, CC Diagnostics will use exploratory and validation studies to develop new epigenetic biomarkers (methylation of DNA), find out whether it is technically possible to perform the test on new sample types and investigate the applicability of the test in new laboratory settings. At the end of this study, CC Diagnostics will know how to further develop the innovation.

CC Diagnostics will do this by developing and validating a new diagnostic test aiming at methylated genes, making use of qPCR-technology. CC Diagnostics wants to replace the current triage test, which is known as the PAP-test. The management team of CC Diagnostics consists of Ronald Vos (CEO) and Nutte van Belzen (CMO).

Nutte van Belzen explains: “Globally, the current cervical cancer tests lead to more than 1.5 million wrong test results per year, resulting in missed cancer cases, over-referral, and a severe financial impact of € 1.9 bln per year. Our innovative test will solve 33% of this problem and we expect to make more impact due to the ODE project”. Ronald Vos adds: “We are happy to participate in the Open Diagnostics Ecosystem, learn from other participants and speed up our innovations together”.

Future Prospects
Through ongoing research, development, and collaboration, the project aims to create a preventive test that is effective, highly accurate, cost reducing and workflow-compatible. Daan van Oldeniel, Business Developer at Open Diagnostics, is enthusiastic about the new learning project: “I am thrilled to witness the seamless integration of CC Diagnostics into the Open Diagnostics Ecosystem. This collaboration not only enriches our network of innovation but also underscores our commitment to driving impactful advancements in the field of diagnostics.’’

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