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Start-ups in de medische diagnostiek die een zetje in de goede richting willen, kunnen aankloppen bij Open Diagnostics. Behalve een relevant netwerk krijgen ze ook financiële hulp.

Elke Veenman, projectleider bij ODE zegt hierover in de nieuwste editie van NoordZ: ,,Veel innovatie bleef op de plank liggen. Dat willen we nu voorkomen.”

Lees hier het hele artikel en interview met Elke Veenman en Ep Oosting!

The Open Diagnostics ecosystem (ODE) proudly presents to you: the Open Diagnostics movie!

Since the start of Open Diagnostics, the ecosystem is growing and three projects have started. In this short movie Detact DiagnosticsReperio Medtech and SG Papertronics B.V. display how they are developing their diagnostic tools. Find out more about the Open Diagnostics Ecosystem and our projects! 

Ton Vries, director of Open Diagnostics: ‘’We are proud of the achievements already made within the ecosystem. Together we will turn the Northern Netherlands into a global expert in the development of diagnostics.” 

Video by: Ruben Walma

First Open Diagnostics Event highlights novel diagnostics that arrive from Groningen

Diagnostics is more visible than ever, and it is all happening in Groningen and the Northern Netherlands. On May 10th, more than 40 people from the diagnostics ecosystem gathered in the Forum Groningen for the very first Open Diagnostics Ecosystem Event. Not only the strong network of the Northern provinces was present, but also key entrepreneurs and researchers from Leiden and Wijchen joined the event. The innovative and in 2020 launched Open Diagnostics Ecosystem (ODE) looks back at a successful event.  

After an introduction from the director of ODE, Ton Vries, the afternoon started with Mike Martens, who is a member of the Advisory Board and working at Future Diagnostics. Martens related in his presentation to the many key trends that are fueling the global in-vitro diagnostics (IVD) and also that the existing diagnostic tools are minimalizing and making it easier to do rapid tests at the bedside of the patients.  

“Nowadays it becomes easier to test nearby the patients, and I think that in the future it also will be the patient who has control over a lot of diagnostic tools. Look at what is already existing in your phone and smart watch. I think that Apple and Google will be the next diagnostic company”, Mike Martens explains.  

Open Diagnostics facilitates the network
The Open Diagnostics Ecosystem is an initiative from the LIFE Cooperative that will turn the Northern Netherlands into a global expert in the development of diagnostics. Open Diagnostics gives access to knowledge, a strong network, and research & development facilities within the diagnostics ecosystem. 

Reperio Medtech is one of the projects within ODE and is developing non-invasive, portable diagnostic tests using eye movements. Their current diagnostic tool for indicating whether someone has Glaucoma will be further developed within ODE for diabetic retinopathy. Alessandro Grillini, Managing Director (Reperio) added: “We are very happy to be part of ODE, because of the network and the access to bigger companies. We believe in the power of networks” 

Next to Reperio, also Linic Ventures joined the stage to talk more about their current developments and innovations. Linic is currently developing a software application to support vascular diagnostics. The software is based on the principles of Machine Learning. 

It happens in Groningen
Next to the previous speakers, Prof. Dr. Matthias
Barz from the University of Leiden was invited to give insights into the therapeutic efficiency of targeted nanomedicines, and that their efficiency requires clinically applicable imaging tools. And also, Albert Wolthuis gave insights into new medical laboratory diagnostics. The crowd noticed that some chemistry structures used in the presentations where great, and that it was all created here in Groningen! 

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