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The Open Diagnostics Ecosystem is an initiative from the LIFE Cooperative that will turn the Northern Netherlands into a global expert in the development of diagnostics. Open Diagnostics gives access to knowledge, a strong network, and research & development facilities within the diagnostics ecosystem.

The goal of the Open Diagnostics Ecosystem is to turn the Northern Netherlands region into a global expert in the development of diagnostics, in order to entice large market parties to place their development assignments in the region. The Northern Netherlands has all the features to serve the global diagnostics market: medical-technical knowledge in companies, knowledge institutions and care partners and development facilities for the right tools. The diagnostics market represents new territory for all parties involved. And precisely in this area is the added value of the LIFE Cooperative: partners are largely located on Campus Groningen, they know each other, trust each other and are willing to exchange knowledge. Via the LIFE Cooperative, the Open Diagnostics Ecosystem is accessible to all parties, including smaller players.

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About the LIFE Cooperative

In order to influence policy makers of regional governments, institutes and to strenghten the sector in de Northern Netherlands, Life Science and Medical Technology SMEs in the Northern part of the Netherlands are uniting in the LIFE Cooperative.

The cooperative develops solutions to meet shared challenges. Collective training, combined purchasing of laboratory equipment and materials, and shared visits to international fairs and congresses are some of the current examples of efficiency measures.

Together, the cooperative SMEs developed research-, development- and supply-chains that result in efficient innovations, i.e. in the field biomarker validation, biomaterial development and 3D imaging and printing.

Two million for Open Diagnostics Ecosystem

First project with Detact Diagnostics